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Classes and Tours for Expectant Parents and Families


Prepare for this big moment with our educational classes and a tour of our Childbirth Center. We want to help you feel more confident about what’s ahead.

For the continued safety of you and our patients, and our commitment to help control community spread of COVID-19, we are suspending our in-person classes and tours until further notice.


Take a virtual tour of our facility and see where you’ll meet your baby for the first time!

Labor/Delivery/Recovery Room
Mother/Baby Room
Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


We know you’ll have questions our classes can answer. We offer classes that provide valuable information to help make your experience with your new baby the very best it can be. Currently, we are offering two online classes to help parents prepare:


Our interactive online course prepares expectant parents for their birthing experience. Topics include your changing body during pregnancy, the signs and stages of birth, types of births, comfort techniques for laboring and highlights ways partners can help throughout the process. You’ll also get a sense of what labor is really like as you watch several birth stories. You’ll even have an opportunity to create your own birth plan!  Allow 4-6 hours to complete.


Our online interactive breast-feeding class covers all the essentials an expectant mother needs to breastfeed her baby, taught by clear animations and plenty of video examples. It lets you know when you should call our lactation specialists for help and includes helpful partner tips throughout. Topics include how breastfeeding works, how to breastfeed, when to feed your baby, how to tell if they are getting enough milk, how to take care of your breasts and more. You will also be able to track feedings with an easy-to-use tracker! Allow 2-3 hours to complete.

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