Mammograms at Progress West Hospital

Providing superior women's health services is a priority at Progress West Hospital. Our comprehensive mammography services include screening and diagnostic mammography and breast ultrasound, which are vital tools for your breast health, provided in the comfortable atmosphere of our mammography suite.

A mammogram, or low-dose X-ray of the breasts, is the best preventive tool in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection is vital to ensuring cancer is caught at its most treatable, curable stage. A mammogram can detect cancer when it is most responsive to treatment, yet too small to reveal overt symptoms.  

Friendly, Personal Care

We take great pride in the uniquely personalized care you’ll receive from our team. Our mammography suite is designed with your comfort in mind, with private dressing rooms and clean robes available. We also take time to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and results. 

With our digital mammography technology, experienced physicians can review images less than a minute after the actual scan. They can also easily adjust the contrast of normal and abnormal breast tissue, and then magnify for close inspection. Images are then stored to enable comparison of screens over time. 

Our experienced mammography technologists perform all testing at our facility. Progress West Hospital also partners with Midwest Radiological Associates to ensure that a board-certified radiologist specializing in mammography is on site to examine and interpret your test images.

Screening Mammogram

Typically starting at age 40, your doctor will recommend an annual screening mammogram, which will look for unusual spots in your breasts. After your screening, we will send the results to your physician. If something looks suspicious or a lump is found, patients will be referred for a diagnostic mammogram.

Diagnostic Mammography and Ultrasound

Diagnostic mammography takes a closer look at particular areas of the breast after a doctor has identified a concern from a screening mammogram. A board-certified radiologist then performs an ultrasound after the diagnostic mammogram to clearly pinpoint the area. You must have a written order from your physician for both the diagnostic exam and the ultrasound exam, and afterwards you will receive an immediate diagnosis.  

Scheduling Your Screening Mammogram

The American Cancer Society recommends an annual screening mammogram for women age 40 and over. Your doctor may recommend screening at an earlier age, depending on your family history or other risk factors.

In many cases, we can offer same-day or next-day appointments. Prior to scheduling a mammogram, It is recommended you check your health insurance plan's guidelines for mammograms.

To schedule your mammogram at Progress West Hospital, call 636.344.1702.

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