Imaging -- Radiology, CT Scan, MRI, Mammogram

Imaging Services

Imaging and Radiology services at Progress West HospitalWhen it comes to imaging services, you want the procedure done right the first time by trained specialists who treat you with dignity and respect. At Progress West Hospital, our expertly trained and certified imaging professionals, technologists and radiologists use the latest and most advance equipment to ensure accurate images for inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients.

Through our Imaging Services at Progress West, we create images of the body to help detect and diagnose illnesses and conditions. Our board-certified radiologists will discuss your results with your physician, keeping your medical history in mind, to make an accurate diagnosis.

Conveniently located, we offer access to expert outpatient testing for residents of southern St. Charles County, with easy-to-schedule appointments. Most tests can be scheduled either the same day or next day for your convenience. To schedule an outpatient diagnostic test, call us at 636.344.1702.

With your comfort in mind, our experts perform the following types of images:

  • X-ray

  • Mammography

  • Bone Density

  • Computed Tomography (CT Scan)

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Nuclear Medicine

  • Ultrasound

Receiving Your Test Results

Your doctor is the expert when it comes to your health care and knows your complete medical history and can accurately assess your test results once they are available.

Here’s what will happen after your images have been taken:

  • A board-certified physician will examine and interpret your test images
  • After your test, a written report will be sent to your within a 24 hour period
  • Your doctor will review the results and discuss them with you at your next scheduled appointment, or at a time agreed upon by you and your doctor

If you have any questions concerning your images, please contact your doctor’s office for more information.

If you would like a CD of your images, you may call Imaging Services at 636.344.1702.

Information About Your Bill

You will receive two bills for your imaging exam:

  • A hospital bill for the cost to cover equipment, supplies and technical personnel; for more information, call BJC Patient Accounts at 314.996.3600
  • A radiologist’s bill for the professional reading of your exam by Washington University Radiology; for more information, call 314.935.0500 or toll-free 800.862.9980

Learn more about radiologic procedures and therapies for you and your family.

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